In which states is Frontier Risk licensed?

Frontier Risk Insurance Services LLC (NPN 20499212) is licensed as an insurance broker or agent in various U.S. states and territories, see the full license list here. Frontier Risk Group Inc. is not a licensed insurance brokerage and all insurance products are offered by Frontier Risk Insurance Services LLC. The Site is not intended as a solicitation for insurance in any state, territory, or province where Frontier Risk Insurance Services LLC is not licensed.

What does cannabis specialized mean?

At Frontier Risk, our specialization in the cannabis industry means that we understand the challenges and risks you face as a business owner. This understanding comes from our firsthand experience as former operators at top cannabis companies. Our team has acquired extensive expertise working in leading cannabis, insurance, and tech companies.

What is fair pricing?

While some insurance companies incorporate their lack of knowledge about the cannabis industry into their pricing, Frontier Risk's experienced agents can work with the carriers to help them better understand your business and risk. Many businesses in the cannabis industry have found significant cost savings and improved protection by partnering with Frontier Risk because we intimately understand your operations, challenges, and risks, having experienced them firsthand as former operators at top-tier cannabis companies.

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We understand your operations, pain points and risks – because we’ve lived them firsthand as former operators at leading cannabis companies.