What is it?

Frontier Risk's Errors & Omissions Insurance protects cannabis testing laboratories, manufacturers, and other cannabis businesses from costly mistakes resulting in lawsuits and financial losses.

Why is it important?

Errors & Omissions Insurance is essential because 95% of data breaches result from human error. These breaches are particularly devastating for cannabis businesses that handle confidential records of patients and consumers. In 2023, the average cost of a data breach in the U.S. was $4.45 million, underscoring the critical need for robust protection.

What does it cover?

  • Legal Defense Costs: This aspect of the insurance ensures that your legal expenses are covered when facing a lawsuit related to professional negligence. It offers the necessary financial support for your legal defense.
  • Settlements or Judgments: In the event of claims or lawsuits alleging professional negligence, E&O insurance provides coverage for settlements or judgments, alleviating the financial burden associated with resolving such matters.
  • Claims of Errors, Omissions, or Incomplete Work: E&O insurance extends protection to include claims resulting from errors, omissions, or incomplete work. It acts as a safety net in case your professional services do not meet expectations.
  • Allegations of Misrepresentation or Breach of Professional Duty: This facet of the insurance safeguards against allegations of misrepresentation or breaches of professional duty, offering financial support to address and resolve such claims.

Why Frontier Risk?

Cannabis Specialized
We understand the cannabis industry, your challenges as a business owner, and the license specific insurance you need.
Fast Quoting
Our online quoting for cannabis insurance ensures that you receive quotes from the top carriers.
Fair Prices
We offer fair insurance prices for cannabis businesses, providing equitable rates comparable to other industries.
Easy Policy Management
Our customer portal allows you to conveniently manage your policies, download certificates, report claims, and more.
Dedicated Support
Our dedicated support team puts your needs first, providing round-the-clock assistance. When you call, we'll be there.

Common Questions

How Can I Get a Quote for Errors & Omissions Insurance From Frontier Risk?

To obtain a quote for Errors & Omissions Insurance tailored to your cannabis business, reach out to Frontier Risk through our website. Provide details about your business activities, services offered, and specific risk factors associated with the cannabis industry. Our experienced underwriters will assess your unique needs and craft a customized insurance solution that comprehensively protects your business against potential liabilities, allowing you to focus on growth and innovation in the cannabis market.

Is Errors & Omissions Insurance Mandatory in My Industry?

Errors & Omissions might be mandatory for cannabis testing laboratories, so check with your state and municipality regarding laws and regulations in your area. However, even if it’s not mandatory for your business, it’s best to be covered with E&O insurance due to the industry's inherent risks and stringent regulatory requirements. By proactively securing E&O insurance, cannabis businesses can protect their operations, finances, and long-term viability in this dynamic industry.

What Does Errors & Omissions Insurance Protect Against?

Errors & Omissions Insurance for cannabis businesses safeguards against claims related to professional advice, services, or product quality. It covers legal expenses, settlements, and damages arising from errors or oversights in areas such as compliance, product labeling, or customer relations. With the unique regulatory challenges and evolving legal landscape of the cannabis industry, E&O insurance provides the required protection, ensuring financial security and reputational integrity for businesses operating in this complex industry.

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