What is it?

Employment Practices Liability (EPLI) is a safeguard for your business against claims made by employees regarding various workplace issues. These can include allegations of wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, or other violations of employee rights. EPLI coverage assists in legal defense costs and potential settlement expenses arising from such claims.

Why is it important?

EPLI insurance is vital because it shields your company from the financial burdens of legal actions brought by employees. In today's complex work environment, misunderstandings and disputes can lead to costly lawsuits. This insurance offers peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your business while being prepared for any unforeseen legal challenges.

What does it cover?

Wrongful Termination

Protects against claims of unjustified firing or dismissal.


Coverage for allegations of treating employees unfairly based on characteristics like race, gender, age, or disability.


Safeguards against claims of workplace harassment, whether sexual, verbal, or otherwise.


Covers situations where an employee claims they were mistreated due to actions like whistleblowing.


Protection from claims of damaging an employee's reputation through false statements.


Coverage for claims of mismanagement of employee benefits, contracts, or policies.

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Common Questions

What if I have workplace policies in place? Do I still need EPLI?

While having policies is important, they might not prevent claims from arising. EPLI offers a layer of protection even if you have preventive measures in place.

Who needs EPLI insurance?

EPLI insurance is recommended for any business with employees, regardless of size, as employee claims can arise in any workplace.

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