Cannabis insurance doesn't make sense.

Frontier Risk's data-driven and service-first approach to brokerage can make sense of it.

Our team has operated in every part of the cannabis value chain for years. Better coverage, better service: real solutions for operators of all shapes and sizes.

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The Problem

Accurately pricing risk is hard without data.

Few dedicated cannabis risk experts

Cannabis industry growing rapidly, yet lacks dedicated insurance solutions designed and implemented by those who have lived cannabis risk from the largest indoor grows to last-mile home delivery systems

Lack of reinsurance participants

Incumbents staying on sidelines because of perceived regulatory or reputational risk

Low to no coverage

Capacity constraints causing massive market dislocation and lack of coverage options. Low limits, high deductibles - policies that aren't working for insured clients

Legal confusion

Perceived federal illegality has constrained availability of risk capital to set market prices

Incumbents focused on premium, not customer success

Service is lacking from quote to bind all the way through to claims management - and cannabis claims can be complex

Lack of technology

Policy administration should be as easy as checking your email. Whether it's pulling a Certificate of Insurance or adding an additional insured, day to day risk management actions in cannabis are stuck in the past

Our Solution

The Frontier Risk advantage - including our proprietary risk rating engine (under development).

Brokerage services provided by Frontier Risk Insurance Services LLC.


A brokerage with cannabis risk experts providing bespoke advice backed by data science


An interface with insurance markets that's digital and data-driven


Reinsurance balance sheet relationships that can finally break the pricing barrier

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Frontier Risk CEO James Whitcomb teams up with Milliman, one of the world's leading actuarial consultancies, to discuss the scope of the insurance issues facing cannabis operators.

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As former operators at leading cannabis companies, we got tired of our renewals becoming more disappointing year after year and service providers who didn't understand our operations. We're combining that institutional knowledge - down to every detail of cannabis operations - with seasoned underwriting and insurtech experience.

James Whitcomb

Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Richardson

President, Insurance

Jeff Samuels

President, Brokerage

Courtney Stough

Chief Legal Officer & COO

Peter Berg

Chief Development Officer

John Horneff

Insurtech Growth

We had a life before cannabis, too. Our team's collective experience at the world's leading cannabis, legal, financial services, tech, and insurtech companies allows us to bring deep institutional knowledge to new, creative risk management solutions and data architecture.