What is it?

Directors and Officers (D&O) Insurance offers protection to the executives and board members of a company against legal actions stemming from their decisions and actions while managing the organization. This coverage assists in covering defense costs and financial damages in case they are personally held liable.

Why is it important?

D&O Insurance is crucial as it shields directors and officers from the potential personal financial repercussions of their leadership roles. In today's litigious business environment, even well-intentioned decisions can lead to lawsuits. This coverage ensures that leaders can make confident choices without undue fear of personal liability.

What does it cover?

Liability Protection

Protects individuals from claims alleging mismanagement, breach of fiduciary duty, negligence, or other errors in decision-making.

Reimbursement Coverage

Covers reimbursement to the company when it indemnifies directors & officers for legal costs.

Entity Litigation Sheild

Extends coverage to the organization itself when named in a lawsuit alongside its directors and officers.

Securities Law Protection

Protection against claims related to securities law violations or misleading statements in disclosures.

Workplace Claims Extension

Extends to cover claims of workplace discrimination, harassment, or wrongful termination by executives.

Corporate Reimbursements

Reimburses the company when it indemnifies its directors and officers.

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Common Questions

Can D&O Insurance cover criminal acts by directors or officers?

Generally, D&O policies exclude coverage for criminal acts. However, legal defense costs might still be covered until a conviction is established.

Are volunteer board members covered by D&O policies?

Yes, D&O policies can extend coverage to volunteer board members, ensuring they're protected from legal actions stemming from their roles.

Do only large corporations need D&O insurance?

D&O Insurance is beneficial for companies of all sizes, including startups and nonprofits, as leadership decisions can be challenged at any level.

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