What is it?

Frontier Risk’s Excess Liability Insurance provides extra protection for cannabis businesses against liabilities in this dynamic industry.

Why is it important?

Covering your cannabis business beyond standard policies is crucial for protecting your assets from large legal claims and lawsuits. Excess Liability Insurance ensures peace of mind by providing extra financial protection, covering unexpected expenses that may exceed the limits of your primary liability insurance.

What does it cover?

  • Wide Range of Liability Claims: Excess Liability Insurance spans a broad spectrum of liability claims, including those related to bodily injury, property damage, and more. It offers a versatile safety net for various liability scenarios, providing peace of mind and financial security.
  • Legal Expenses and Settlements: In cases where the limits of your primary policy are exhausted, Excess Liability Insurance steps in to cover legal expenses and settlements, ensuring that your assets and finances are adequately protected in the face of substantial claims.
  • Additional Liability Claims: Addresses additional liability claims that surpass the limits of your primary liability policies. It provides the extra security you need when faced with unforeseen expenses.

Why Frontier Risk?

Cannabis Specialized
We understand the cannabis industry, your challenges as a business owner, and the license specific insurance you need.
Fast Quoting
Our online quoting for cannabis insurance ensures that you receive quotes from the top carriers.
Fair Prices
We offer fair insurance prices for cannabis businesses, providing equitable rates comparable to other industries.
Easy Policy Management
Our customer portal allows you to conveniently manage your policies, download certificates, report claims, and more.
Dedicated Support
Our dedicated support team puts your needs first, providing round-the-clock assistance. When you call, we'll be there.

Common Questions

How Can I Get a Quote for Excess Liability Insurance From Frontier Risk?

Getting a quote for Excess Liability Insurance from Frontier Risk is quick and easy. Simply visit our website and fill out the online quote request form, providing details about your business, industry, and coverage needs. Our experienced agents will promptly assess your information and tailor a competitive quote that meets your specific requirements, ensuring comprehensive protection for your business against potential liabilities.

Is Excess Liability Insurance Necessary for All Businesses?

Excess Liability Insurance isn't mandatory for all cannabis businesses but is highly recommended, especially for those with substantial assets or exposure to higher risks. This can include cannabis cultivators, manufacturers, and dispensaries. It provides an added layer of financial protection, safeguarding businesses against potentially devastating legal claims and lawsuits.

How Does Excess Liability Insurance Differ From Primary Liability Insurance?

Excess Liability Insurance supplements primary liability coverage. It offers additional protection beyond the limits of standard policies. While primary liability insurance covers claims up to a certain amount, excess liability insurance kicks in once those limits are reached, offering extended financial protection against larger claims and lawsuits.

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