Sep 28, 2023
Peter Berg

Frontier Risk CEO Talks Massachusetts Cannabis Pricing on NBC10 Boston

In a recent feature on Massachusetts’ lack of Social Consumption Sites on NBC10 Boston, James Whitcomb, CEO of Frontier Risk, provided insights into the significant shift in the cannabis industry's pricing landscape in Massachusetts. Over the past two years, the average price per gram has experienced a dramatic drop, nearly halving, which presents challenges for industry players.

Whitcomb attributes this significant decrease to a supply and demand imbalance, a result of regulators licensing numerous cultivation operations while retail expansion lags behind. This imbalance manifests in various ways, including constant discounting and promotional offers, reflecting the pricing pressure within the market.

Frontier Risk CEO James Whitcomb Talks Massachusetts Cannabis Pricing on NBC10 Boston

Whitcomb's insights were part of a larger discussion on why recreational marijuana has been legal in Massachusetts for almost seven years, but the state still doesn’t allow social consumption sites. For a more in-depth look into the subject and insights from James Whitcomb and others watch the full clip on NBC10 Boston.

Peter Berg
Chief Development Officer
Chief Development Officer at Frontier Risk, seasoned cannabis industry executive, with extensive corporate development, M&A, operational & regulatory experience.

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